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About us

Ever since, APC Machine Incorporated was established by Jesse Herrera, President and CEO, we have provided our customers with excellent service and products. We keep a one on one relation with our customers, this helps us make sure that the order is intact and everything necessary was done to produce the best quality product anyone could need.

However, delivering quality products also involves our certified personnel to operate and maneuver the CNC Machines. Jesse Herrera, who has over fifteen years experience, works along side of our staff to ensure that each product is designed and manufactured correctly. With a workforce of this magnitude we can ensure that you will be satisfied with our services.

APC Machine is located in Ontario, California and we eagerly await your email, fax, or phone call and after have contacted us and asked for a free quote you will agree with us that we will form a business relationship.

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If you would like more information about APC Machine Inc. please send us an e-mail at or mail comments or concerns to:

APC Machine Inc.
1942 Agusta Ct., Suite C
Ontario, CA 91761

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