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Our company offers the capability to fabricate and manufacture customized components for the medical, automotive, and aerospace industries.

These components are usually comprised of plastics and all sorts of metals such as aluminum, stainless steel and copper, which are just a few examples. We take these materials and modify them to produce a finished product that resembles the master plan (or diagram) that our clients provide.

However, if plans are not sent with the purchase order we may ask our customers to send us a sample piece, so, that our staff could create one that depicts each characteristic for instance all the dimensions.

We guarantee that the products that we manufacture will be shipped out promptly, once they are inspected and meet all requirements, in order to satisfy our customers.

Please feel free to browser through our website, as you begin to browse you will be see a few of our services, and products along with a list that contains a some of the machinery that we have to conduct our business.

Yang sml-20 CNC lathe
10" Round capacity.
CNC Lathe
Few Services We Provide:
  • CNC Capabilities
  • Commerical Aircraft Components
  • Automotive Parts
  • Medical Supplies
  • Heat Treating and Testing
  • and much more.
CNC Mill

The picture to the right, depicts cylinderical shapes that first arrived in our shop as a 12 foot bar. We then used this machine to decrease the diameter and face one end.

However, these parts in particular were not quite finished, they were transfered over to our Mill machine where they were completed and prepared to be shipped.

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APC Machine, Inc.

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